About Vitstore

Vitstore's aims

From day one, Vitstore has been dedicated to transparency, specific raw material choices, well-considered combinations and sustainability. Vitstore aims to increase the well-being of people by offering solutions that contribute to the quality of life.

Vitstore's core values:

Carefully balanced food supplements;
 Developed according to the latest scientific insights;
 Specific raw material choices;
 Production according to strict HACCP en GMP standards and EU directives.

The advantages for customers
Vitstore's mission

We are all getting older. Nutrition and exercise are the basis of a happy life. Vitstore contributes to keeping the quality of life as high as possible. We are constantly looking for the ideal combination of ingredients for our nutritional supplements.

Range of food supplements

Vitstore's range has been compiled with the greatest care on the basis of specific raw material choices. Production takes place in accordance with strict HACCP and GMP standards and EU directives. Vitstore only uses carefully selected and controlled ingredients.


We at Vitstore believe in personal contact with our customers and spending time on them. We are happy to be there for you and listen to what you have to say. Every situation is different and deserves special attention from our specialists so that they can provide you with the best advice.

If you contact us during office hours, you will immediately get an expert on the phone who can help you with all your health-related questions.

Vitstore provides direct service and advice!

A few words

Jan Martin van Hoogen, managing director Vitstore

In September 2003 I went to the Chamber of Commerce to have Vitstore registered in the trade register. With years of experience in the production of food supplements, I was ready to jump in at the deep end together with my business partner at the time. We wanted to do things differently in the turbulent supplement market. Before we started, my business partner told me: "I don't come from this industry, I like everything, but I only want to supply products that I would also give my dear old mother without feeling guilty."

In the years that have gone by, a lot has changed within our company. The team has grown larger and stronger. However, we still hold on to our core values, focusing on our customers’ health and well-being, and providing excellent service and quality.


I wish you good health and all the best! 

Jan Martin van Hoogen

Production is based on the following 4 core values:

Only sustainable fishing

Food supplements include components of fish and crustaceans. To ensure that fish stocks do not suffer unnecessary damage, Vitstore only uses ingredients obtained by sustainable fishing methods. For example, methods in which the catch is carefully selected and the by-catch is returned to the sea alive. Furthermore, many products carry the MSC ecolabel, which guarantees sustainable fishing. That makes the difference. 

As naturally as possible

Healthy food is the basis for a healthy body. If the body does require some support, natural ingredients are preferred. That’s why, where possible, our products do not contain any preservatives, artificial colourings, fragrances or flavours. We let nature do the healing.


Sometimes adding a vitamin or mineral can be essential for the product as a whole. These are the small differences you may expect from Vitstore. In all our products there is a relevant addition, which creates this boost effect (e.g. we add extra vitamin B to magnesium).

Made in Holland

Hoe lang zijn supplementen houdbaar

Vitstore manages the entire production process itself and is therefore able to produce supplements according to the strictest quality standards.

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