ISO-22000 certified

Vitstore has an ISO-22000 certification. See more info about this below.


ISO 22000 is a food safety standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization. This standard was derived from ISO 9000 and was presented on September 1, 2005. The full name of the standard is ISO 22000 Food safety management systems - requirements for an organization in the food chain.

This ISO standard was developed with the aim of putting a food safety standard on the market that can be accepted worldwide. ISO 22000 is applicable to the entire food chain, including suppliers such as cold stores, transport companies, machine builders and producers of packaging materials.

ISO 22000 provides a tool for industry-specific risk assessment for any form of food processing and trade, which can be integrated into the ISO 9001 quality management system standard. Companies are expected to determine all requirements that are relevant to them and then apply them. The strategy used to meet these requirements can also be determined by companies themselves during the risk analysis.

The requirements set by ISO 22000 for a food safety management system contain the following elements:

- Interactive communication
- System management
- Prerequisite program
- HACCP principles

Recognizing the position and role of an organization in the food chain is essential for effective interactive communication aimed at providing consumers with safe food.

ISO 22000 includes requirements in the field of food defense. Food defense is the protection of the production facility against deliberate contamination. (source: wikipedia)