Free Returns

Money back guarantee!
If you are not satisfied with a product or have received the wrong product, you can return your order free of charge in three easy steps. Please read the instructions below on how you should return your order.

What to do if you have you received the wrong product?

Have you received the wrong product? Then you can return it free of charge to our reply number. Please notify our customer service of the return by telephone or email. The customer service will immediately arrange that the desired product be sent to you and will indicate where you can return the incorrect item to (free of charge).

If the selling price of the returned product differs from that of the desired product, this will be settled by our customer service. If you would like more information about exchanging products, please contact our customer service. 

Custom service tel.: +31 (0)183 - 699 450 (available 8.30 - 17.00)

How to cancel an order

Orders can always be cancelled, provided they are not yet shipped. Cancellations should be communicated to our customer service by phone or email.

Has your order already been shipped? Then you can easily return the order to our reply number free of charge. Please follow the following three simple steps to do so.

Step 1: Contact our customer service

Do you want to return a product? Then you need to contact our customer service (see our contact details below). We will then draw up a return form. Returns will only be processed if you have contacted our customer service. 

Custom service tel.: +31 (0)183 - 699 450 (available 8.30 - 17.00)
E-mail: /

Stap 2: Print out the return form

We will send you a return form by email, which you need to print out and include in the return consignment. Unless otherwise agreed with our customer service, returns without a return form will not be processed.

Stap 3: Return your order

Please secure the lid on the return package with tape and send the package to the address / reply number below:

Vitalize / Vitstore
Antwoordnummer 242
4200 VB Gorinchem


Return term

Products can be returned within 30 days of delivery. Where hygiene is crucial, for example when the order is for tablets, capsules, powders, drinks, creams, oils or other sealed products, these products may only be returned unopened and undamaged.

If you return a product, the purchase amount and shipping costs will be refunded. If you send the package to the reply number, the return will be free of charge. If a product does not reach you in good condition, please contact our customer service.

What to do if the product does not reach you in good condition

Products that do not reach you in good condition should also be returned after contacting Vitstore customer service. In that case, the contribution to the shipping costs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Items of which the safety packaging has been broken cannot be returned if there has not been any explicit contact with our customer service.

If you have a complaint about one of our products up to two months after the delivery date, please contact our customer service.

Customer service tel.: +31 (0)183 - 699 450
Email: /