Taking and storing supplements

Taking and storing supplements

For food supplements to retain their maximum potency, you need to store them well. Below, we also explain when you can best take them.

How long do food supplements last?

Hoe lang zijn supplementen houdbaarVitstore supplements have a shelf life of more than six months after the order date. The exact expiry date can be found on the bottom of the package. Always close the packaging properly to maintain the useable shelf life of the supplement.

How to store your supplements?

Vitstore vitamins and minerals come in blister packs or handy letterbox-sized packets that protect the supplements from sunlight and other external factors. Store supplements below 25 degrees to prevent discoloration or sticking. Always keep food supplements out of reach of young children.

How long do food supplements last in a storage box?

Do you keep your supplements in a handy tablet or storage box? Then they can be kept for a few weeks. So put a few weeks’ worth of supplements in the storage box and keep the rest in the original packaging/blisters. This will prevent the supplements from sticking or discolouring.

What's  the best time for taking a supplement?

We recommend taking your supplements with meals. Meals usually contain a little fat, which helps to absorb fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K). Each product comes with a leaflet mentioning the best times to take the product. This information can also be found on every page of the product concerned.

How to take your supplements

CapsulesTake a tablet or capsule with a glass of water. Preferably do not take them with hot drinks. The heat can cause a capsule to melt before it reaches your stomach. That’s not something to worry about. However, it may cause an unpleasant aftertaste. Do not chew on your supplement as this may cause a foul taste in your mouth. Of course this does not apply to chewing tablets; these are specially made to chew on.

Do you have difficulty swallowing?

Do you sometimes have difficulty swallowing tablets? A tablet cutter will solve that problem. You can use a tablet cutter to effortlessly halve tablets. Do you also have difficulty swallowing capsules? In such a case, the solution is to make a small hole in the capsule and mix the contents with your food.